1. colours of kitsch, warm and funny, looking for belonging. somewhere, to someone

2. colours of dirt, sweet and sad. looking for shelter

3.colours of a different life, curious and lighthearted, looking for new things. maybe some wisdom- against cash..

4. coincidence, no deeper feeling with this shot, even though I like the irony of it. Irony is my word for this one.

5.colours of calm and curiosity, desire for a little adventure- but too scared to enter the door

6.feeling like an intruder.feeling this place. if someone got shot with the 357 Magnum?

7.what happened ? do I dare to brake free ?
darkness or light ?

8.loneliness is beautiful sometimes. nowhere to go is freedom


9.exhausted gas pumps. they try to still look proud but nobody will use them anymore.
surreal. Unknown future.

10.excitement, I like the contrast. it's kinda strange- that's it

11.nice horsey shot, tried to do something special- nice light but that's it. felt insecure and fake while taking this shot.

12.felt the moody atmosphere in this motel room. did not want to be alone this night. was a little scared.

13.freedom, future open wide. happy

14.heavy heart, thinking too much but there's a tiny light in the dark. can you spot it ? hope.

15.a change has to come. it must. I'm strong

16.the beauty of longing. trying to be someone special

17.would have loved to walk towards the light. maybe one day I will.